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Megan Tong Coaching

I help you master money,

so you can have the freedom and abundance

you’ve always dreamed of.

you want...

And you know that having money would enable you to do all of these things. 

You've tried to get a handle on your money, but it always seems to just flow out faster than it's coming in

You're not alone, and the solution is simple: 

You got to where you are today not because of lack of discipline or effort, but simply because of how you've been taught to think about money. 


And the great news is that by changing how you think about money and how you think about yourself, you will create completely different results. 


Re-learning how to think about money is what helped me create a multi-million dollar net worth by the age of 31. 


In coaching, I will show you what's stopping you from creating the life you want.


And then I will teach you how to break through that, and be extraordinary with money. 


If you're ready to create a life full of abundance, freedom, and purpose, reach out. 


I can help.



  • to be able to go out to dinner without worrying about the prices
  • to go to bed at night, knowing everything important to you is taken care of
  • to have more time to spend with the people you love 
  • to be able to pursue your passions without the pressure of generating income through them
  • to have more impact on this world 

What is

Money Mindset coaching?

After speaking to dozens of people about their money and how they managed it, I looked for what set apart wealthy people from people who struggled with money...

  • It was not a spreadsheet

  • It was not a specific way to set up their bank accounts

  • I discovered what set them apart was how they thought about money

That is what we tackle in money mindset coaching.


i write a weekly email that helps you get unblocked, and achieve your goals faster.