“If you could do it by yourself, you’d already be doing it.”

Today I reached my three-month anniversary at my new gym, Best Body Bootcamp!

For many many years, I was a Goodlife member. I love Goodlife. I love what they’ve done for so many Canadians, and it’s where I personally lost 15 lbs and got a six-pack in time for my wedding in 2016!

But fast forward a couple of years…I had a baby in 2018, and I didn’t get back on the train of going to the gym regularly. I kept telling myself I’d get to it. Every month, I’d say to myself: it’s so inexpensive, and everything I NEED to get fit is at Goodlife!

Why can’t I just DO it?

And a full year after having my son, Axel, I was still only going once or twice a month. One day, around that time, I caught myself telling someone that I hadn’t really worked out much in a year. I was mortified! And I realized that I had to start telling myself the truth.

I just wasn’t going, and my fitness was degrading. And even though my membership was so inexpensive, I went so infrequently that each work out session was costing me $40!

So what DID I need? (Other than to tell myself the truth!)

I needed someone else. I needed a coach. I needed a community. I wanted working out to be FUN and bring me joy, not be a slog to drag myself to. So I started on a quest to find just that. I decided to try Best Body Bootcamp at the beginning of January 2020. I loved the workouts, but I also loved that it had a sense of community, and that I recognized the same people working out and the same trainers every day.

And since that day I joined in January, I have worked out three to five days a week. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

And guess what? I am fitting into my clothes better, feeling great about my body, and feeling strong, healthy, and full of vitality.

And here’s a thought that I want you to try on for yourself: IF you could do something by yourself, you would ALREADY be doing it.

Stop looking at what you COULD do, and what you SHOULD do, and look at what you ARE doing. Tell yourself the truth, involve others in your quest, and I promise you, you will get your results so much faster. And as a bonus, you will have SO much more fun getting there!


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