“My friend needs life coaching!”

Since I’ve started life coaching, and talked to tons of people about it, one thing that strikes me is How many times someone says to me: “Oh I have a friend who could REALLY use life coaching!”. And I want to set the record straight: Life coaching is NOT for people we think are messed up, uninspired, or underperforming, (although it does make a huge difference in all those things.)

Life coaching is simply for taking a person to their next level, in an area of life that matters to them! When an athlete gets coaching, it’s not because they’re not good at what they’re doing. Often, it’s the opposite. It’s BECAUSE they are good at it, and they want to take their game to the next level. In order to do that, they need someone to watch what they’re doing, and break down where they’re going wrong. I used to figure skate, and whenever my coach would film me and show me the reel, I was always astounded! Because I honestly always FELT like I was squaring off my shoulders! But the camera couldn’t lie… my whole body was listing to the left. I honestly couldn’t feel what I was doing, because I was the one doing it. That’s what coaching is like, but for your BRAIN. You don’t see your ways of thinking that are holding you back, because you’re way too close to the action. (This is also why we think it’s our Friend who needs coaching. It’s because it is often super easy to see the solutions to Other people’s problems!) Your coach lives outside of your own actions and your own drama, and they show you things that you’re thinking, that you can’t see for yourself. And when those old ways of being and thinking come out of your blind spot into your field of vision, you can finally see NEW ways of being. and NEW actions. And THOSE are going to produce your NEW results! So, coaching isn’t for your messed up friend. It’s for the elite YOU.


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