The first step to Achieving, is BELIEVING.

When you find that you're not taking real, inspired action towards a goal, ask yourself:

Do you Really BELIEVE you can get the results?

Your brain immediately wants to say YES! But take a minute. Really sit with the question. Ask yourself: do I believe it WILL happen for ME?

So often, there's doubt.

The other day, I was talking to my friend who is trying to learn a language. She bought a program online, but wasn't putting the work in, on a consistent basis. I asked her why not? She said it was because she wasn't sure that doing the work would actually improve her language skills.

She didn't hold belief.

So she didn't DO the work.

Another example: someone tells you: there's a small chance there's a $10,000 bill lying on the ground, 1000km that way.

A lot of people, hearing that, wouldn't be inclined to go for a walk.

But say I told you: "100%, there IS a $10,000 bill waiting for YOU, 1000km that way." Guess what? You'd probably get into action, and start making your way over there. Right. Now.

What's the difference?

It's the CERTAINTY of the result.

That's why entrepreneurship is so hard. That's why doing something new is so hard. Because you have to BELIEVE, before you even see any hard results.

BELIEF is the prerequisite. With no belief, there is no action. That's why it's so important to go to work on your belief that it WILL happen, for YOU.


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