"I came to life coaching because I wanted to develop my own editing business but hit a wall when it came to promoting my services. My partner and friends would give me all sorts of encouraging advice, but it fell on deaf ears. What Megan did that my peers were too nice to do was call me out on my BS.


I discovered that I was putting a lot of stock in assumptions about my field and my capacities that were gross over-generalizations or simply untrue. For instance, having lived very frugally for many years, I was convinced that my target market, novice writers, would similarly be unable to invest in editing. Megan noted that plenty of people, newbie authors included, have the money to put into their passion projects. Duh.


Another thought that plagued me: that I didn’t have the requisite credentials to do my work exceptionally well. Again, Megan helped me see the holes in this line of thinking--my bosses and clients were more than satisfied with every single one of my projects. I was already doing great, MA or no MA.


After working with her, I now know that my biggest obstacle is not the state of the industry or my editorial skill, but a lifetime of fearing failure. Though I still have self-defeating thoughts, the key difference is that I am able to recognize that this is my tired old program playing itself out again. I keep hitting play on my new, more helpful program that we developed together. My commitment to my business remains firm."

Laura macaulay,


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Emily Clark,


"I’ve been working with Megan Tong for a couple of months now. I love her energy and no bullshit attitude! She helped me go from a place of doubt and fear about my ability to sell to a place of believing in myself, by switching my mindset from being centred on me and my insecurities to focusing on who I’m serving, by focusing on giving value to my clients/audience. 


I knew I wanted to have continuous support from a coach or mentor to keep me accountable and get me moving closer to my objective of having a sustainable business that can pay for my needs and my family needs. And I’m super grateful to have found Megan, who helped open my mind to the possibilities that are available to me.


I love that she doesn’t complicate things and gets you to take action and make decisions fast, without wasting time in indecision and perfectionist thinking. She really helped me focus on one thing, one offer, so I can really get comfortable selling that offer, and not waste energy changing my mind or plans when things start to get hard. She keeps you motivated no matter what.


She also got me to understand the value of investing in myself. Especially since I am asking clients to invest in themselves by working with me.


My biggest takeaway from Megan’s coaching so far has been to “meet new people”. It’s the first step of her simple 3-step to making more money: 1. Meet new people 2. Tell people what you do 3. Make offers.


If you’re struggling with the idea of selling or have issues with money and want to work on those issues, I highly recommend you get in touch with Megan. She’s a great money mindset coach and she’s super encouraging, approachable and fun!"

meryem alaoui, 

somatic movement educator

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"Megan is a powerful coach who has helped me go beyond what I thought was possible in so many areas of my life including my relationship, career and health and wellbeing.


Megan is an inspiration herself and unstoppable in having her clients live lives they love."


manager at one of canada's leading retailers